Driving Lessons Telford Amy Shield Passed 1st Time 20th July Congratulations on Amy shield passing her test 1st time today 20/07/2018 in Telford.

Well done a really good drive 4 minor faults passing 1st time after 20 hrs intensive driving. Now you will get your promotion to store manager as all this pressure to pass paid off. It’s been a good few days of intense driving, going over everything in nice easy stages. We sorted those round a bouts out what you were worried about and you and did well on your test. Now the pressure is off and you get your promotion and car happy days. It’s been a good few days and coffee breaks as well we had shares in the butty van this week.  Amy be careful out there as I know you will. All the best from your instructor John Langan. And all the team at Ks driving school.