Theory Test

Free Online Theory Training for Learn Driving UK Pupils

KS Driving School Pupils and the Theory Test

KS Driving School pupils are provided with free access to Theory Test Pro, the very best online site available to learner drivers. Our instructors offer advice on making the best use of the software to help our pupils pass their test first time.

Because driving test waiting times have been up to three or four months recently, we would advise candidates to prepare for and take their theory test soon after starting a course of driving lessons. In this way, a practical driving test can be applied for as soon as the test has been passed.

A driving theory test must be passed before a learner driver can book a practical driving test. The test is in two parts; a multi-choice question test followed by a hazard perception test. It takes around one hour to complete the test.

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The Theory Test Pass Mark

To pass the question test a minimum score of 43 out of 50 is required. Usually, there are four possible answers to each question, one of which will be correct.

A score of 44 out of 75 is necessary to pass the hazard perception element. There will be fourteen film clips each lasting around one minute. Each clip will have at least one moving hazard for you to respond to. The faster you respond to the developing hazard, the higher your score for that clip. A maximum of five points is available for each of the fifteen hazards. In the test, all film clips are now computer-generated imagery.

First, You must pass both parts of the test on the same day. You will receive your result very soon after completing the test.

Also, You can book your test from this page or go to DVSA’s official site. It costs £23.

Booking your test

You must have a provisional driving licence to book your test.

There are 2 parts to the test:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Hazard perception – a video test about spotting hazards on the road

You book and take them as a single test. You must pass both parts to pass the test.

When can I take the theory test?

You can take the test from your 17th birthday onwards.

You can take it from your 16th birthday if you get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Who needs to take the theory test?

You usually need to take the test before you can get your full car driving licence.

You don’t need to take the car theory test if you:

  • Want to upgrade an automatic car licence to a manual one
  • Already have a category B1 driving licence (3 or 4-wheeled light vehicles)

If you have a moped or motorcycle licence

You must pass a car theory test before taking the car driving test.

If your licence isn’t from Great Britain

Find out if you can drive in Great Britain (GB) with your non-GB licence without taking a theory and driving test.

Change or check your test details

You can change the date of your theory test after you’ve booked it.
You can check your appointment details if you’ve lost your booking confirmation.

Rebook your test

Rebook your theory test if you failed your test and want to resit it. You must choose a date at least 3 working days away.