Driving Instructor why not check which Instructor is in your area?

In these areas Shrewsbury Telford Whitchurch

Start  Driving Lessons with a Local Driving school. Check out the Team of Driving Instructors at the school.


The Driving School recognizes students have busy schedules so the Instructors offer a door-to-door service. The Instructors will pick you up and drop you off at any convenient location. Driving lessons are in up-to-date cars using all of the latest training aids. This will make learning to drive a little easier. Driving Lessons are structured to the pupils learning needs. Driving Lessons are on a one-to-one basis. In the unlikely event, you are not happy any lessons taken will be charged at full price and then the difference refunded.

Train to Become a Driving Instructor
  • To learn a skill you need to be doing

  • Plans to achieve maximum learning during your driving lesson.

  • Highly skilled Driving Instructors in coaching during the lesson.

  • The team therefore will give full assistance when required. Or simply use prompts to help guide to a successful outcome.

  • Instructors’ aim is to make you an independent driver. Also a  safe on the roads.

  • With K.S Driving school you will pass your driving test with confidence.

Local Driving Instructors

Male Female Instructors. All have the excellent local knowledge to help you
pass your driving test. Areas Shrewsbury, Telford Whitchurch, or Oswestry. Our friendly local driving instructors are all DBS checked.

Karen Jones Owner of K.S.Driving

Grade A Instructor Covers Shrewsbury and Shawbury Mobile: 07931 673337

Zeb Alexander Driving Instructor in Telford

Driving Instructor in Shrewsbury Zeb Alexander Instructor. Office: 01743624015. Mobile: 07814222696

Driving Instructor Daniel FINNEY Shrewsbury

Daniel Finney Welcome too K.S.Driving 07535811958 Grade A Instructor covers Shrewsbury. Mobile: 07535811958

John Langan Head of Instructor Training

Head of Instructor Training A Driving Instructor & Trainer, covers Wem, Whitchurch, and Shrewsbury. Mobile:07398291129

Driving Lessons Telford

Pass with Instructor Adam Driving Instructor covers Telford, Mobile: 07555618618

Driving Instructor Mark Palmer-Burridge Driving Lessons Shrewsbury Telford

Mark Palmer-Burridge Driving Instructor Shrewsbury on a Monday Newtown rest of the week

Driving Instructor Paul Jones

Paul Jones. Driving Lessons in the Shrewsbury Area. Mobile 07779 795366. Driving Lessons Shrewsbury Try Us and See Deal 1st 10 Hours £310

Lauren Fedrick

Lessons with Lauren Shrewsbury Call on 07565831338 Driving Courses Intensive Driving Courses Shrewsbury Telford Shropshire Driving Lessons In Shrewsbury Telford Shropshire Intensive courses

Driving Lessons Oswestry

Driving Lessons Oswestry with Driving Instructor Mark Shrewsbury, Driving School Intensive Driving Lessons Train to Become a Driving Instructor Franchise for Driving Instructors

Vanessa driving instructor

Vanessa Marmont Driving Instructor

in Pontesbury, Minsterley, Shrewsbury. Does Mostly Intensive Driving Courses

Driving Instructor Telford Automatic

Female Driving Instructor Shrewsbury Telford Automatic Driving Lessons

With this in mind

Start Learning To Drive Today

Give Karen or Loraine a call. Schedule your first driving lesson and start your journey.


What Attracts People to Become Driving Instructors?

Most people that come into the driver trainer industry are looking for a lifestyle change. They may have become disillusioned with their current job and would like to take more control of their lives and can choose the days and hours they work. It could be that they are looking for a job that is more rewarding and will give a high level of personal and professional satisfaction. It could be that they are at a time of life where they are looking for a fresh start, a different career, a new challenge and to spend more time with their family. The huge attraction is that with some personal motivation and quality training, almost anyone can do this job.

So, What Are The Benefits of Becoming a Driving Instructor?

  • As a Driving Instructor with K.S, You get to choose the days you work.

  • Therefore an online Diary gives you the choice to start and finish.

  • Being an Instructor with K.S. You are free to work the hours that suit your needs.

  • You will be your own boss and you will be working for yourself.

  • Training someone to pass their driving test is an important life skill,.z is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

  • You can take holidays whenever you choose and not have to request permission.

  • A brand-new car of your choice (every year if you like). You choose the car we advise

  • Similarly, the car is the best advertising you have.

  • In conclusion, the car and all its running costs will be paid for by your customers.

  • Significant tax advantages are evident for a self-employed person.

  • With KS Driver Training, though self-employed, you can work as part of a team and receive regular professional development.

Qualifying Tests For Driving Instructors

All drivers must pass The United Kingdom Practical driving test to obtain a driving license. The test is separated into three distinct parts: the theory test, hazard perception test and practical driving test.

How it works

 Instructor Training Course

If you have not held a driving license the next stage is to complete a D1 Application. An ordinary driving license which you can get from the DVLA form ordering service online or from a Post Office.


Would you like to join KS Driving School?

KS Driving Instructor Training has been successfully training People. Who want to become driving instructors since 1995. To become an Advanced Driving Instructors (ADI) you need to pass the DVSA qualifying examination and meet certain legal requirements.

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