Well done Georgie  Briggs Passing Driving Test in Shrewsbury 7th June. Well, Georgie even though not the 1st Test you have worked so hard with not only myself but with your dad. Not sure who was more delighted after the Test you, me or your dad. mmmm looks like your dad. It has been my pleasure getting you to test as you had to work so hard on holding your nerves together. So happy we got there fewer times than your theory. Enjoy your freedom. Karen Jones your Instructor Shrewsbury.“Georgie had such a good time with Karen during lessons couldn’t have done it without her!! I needed a much more thorough and methodical way of going about driving as I was struggling before. She’s been so helpful getting ready for the test and helping control my anxiety when I’m on the road and during the test. Thanks so much “Georgie and dad Shrewsbury