.Sister number 1 Passed sister number 2 Passed yes Sister number 3 Passed Livvy today 22/03/2022. And what a pleasure it has been and fun. You even cried when you got told you had passed well done Livvy. Just 3 driver faults. Sorry, mom and dad for not telling you she was going to test you know where I live if you want to tell me off. Keep safe Karen from K S  Driving School Shrewsbury

Or even if you think you have got what it takes to be a driving instructor contact Lauren or Karen 01743624015 or ksdrivingschool66@gmail.com. We appreciate that learning to drive can be a very expensive time. K.S.Driving School offers you the best payment plan to meet your budget. It could be you getting your test pass!

Taking regular driving lessons (at least one lesson per week) because this is the best way to learn to drive. Safety comes first with KS instructors. They don’t just train you to pass the practical driving test with the DVSA but train you to drive safely for the rest of your life.