Refresher Courses

Refresher Courses – £60.00

Some people pass their driving test and don’t feel that they are ready to start driving yet. Some people feel very nervous on today’s busy roads and need some extra support to help them become more confident drivers.



Whatever your reason for needing refresher courses, KS driving school’s professional driving instructors will be able to help you. KS driving school instructors are well trained in helping qualified drivers, in the following ways:

UK Road Network Familiarisation Course

Visitors and new residents from the European Union can drive on their EU license for as long as the license remains valid or up to the age of 70. We run short “UK Road Network Familiarisation” courses to help EU nationals adapt to Britain’s road network so that they can drive safely and with confidence.

  • New residents from non-EU countries must obtain a GB license within 12 months of arrival.

KS driving school instructors are adept at preparing new residents to pass both the GB theory and practical driving tests.

Qualified Driver Refresher Course

Many new drivers pass their driving test and, for a variety of reasons, do not drive regularly thereafter; for example:

  1. Confidence when driving has been knocked for some reason
  2. Been at University and not needed to drive for a few years
  3. Lived abroad for a while and need to refresh on the rules of the road
  4. Been dedicating time to a young family and now it’s your time at last!

Whatever the reason, KS driving school instructors will help you to refresh, update and give you the confidence to drive safely on Britain’s busy road network.

Refresher courses are normally 2 hours.

With all KS driving school driving lessons, we will pick you up from your home and drop you back at your home.

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