Part One ADI Theory Test

The theory test is part one of your driving instructor training course and aims to question your knowledge at a higher level of a learner driver, meaning it is essential to revise and prepare as much as possible. The test consists of a Hazard Perception section and a selection of multiple choice questions. Both parts of the exam must be passed in order to receive overall completion in which you must receive 57/75 on the Hazard Perception section and 85% on the multiple-choice questions. However, the multiple choice questions are divided into 4 separate sections:

  • Road procedure traffic signs and signals
  • Car control
  • Pedestrians and mechanical knowledge
  • Driving test, disabilities and the law, publications and instructional techniques.

You must receive a minimum mark of 80% which totals to 20/25 correct answers on each section to pass. This means you could exceed an overall pass of 85% but still fail if you did not receive at least 20% on each topic.

  • The test lasts for 90 minutes
  • The multiple-choice section aims to test your knowledge on the Highway Code, Instructional Techniques and Rules of the road.
  • The Hazard Perception tests your ability to identify potential dangers which may occur while you are driving.
  • The test is computer based
  • You can take advantage of a pre-test session to familiarise yourself with the layout and format of the test.
  • The multiple choice section consists of 100 questions in total.
  • The hazard perception test has a total of 14 clips each lasting one minute. 13 clips have 1 markable hazard. 1 clip has 2 markable hazards, which is worth double the points.
  • The Hazard Perception sections consists of various types of hazards, such as vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions.
  • In order to achieve a good score, you must respond to the developing hazards quickly.


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