Motorway Driving Experience

Motorway Driving Experience – £60.00

To begin with, Do you find motorway driving stressful or are you worried about your first drive after passing your test?

Most drivers venture onto motorways for the first time without having taken any formal tuition. The large volume of traffic moving at high speed can be daunting and this can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Motorway Driving Experience Description

Whilst parents and acquaintances have reached a suitable level of competence to drive a car themselves, they will not necessarily have the skills and experience to teach someone else how to drive safely on a motorway. As a result any mistake could have severe consequences given higher speeds usually involved in motorway driving.

ADIs have been through a dedicated training process and passed a test of their ability to instruct pupils. Therefore, we propose that learner drivers should only be allowed to have lessons on motorway driving if they are accompanied by an ADI. This would also minimize the potential for disruption to other road users.

  • Firstly, Learn how to use motorways safely; how to enter and leave, correct use of lanes and how to overtake, use of more complex interchanges and junctions.
  • Secondly, Practice driving at higher speeds.
  • Also, put their theoretical knowledge into practice.
  • Improve your driving skill, observation, anticipation, planning, and concentration.
  • Lastly, an opportunity for ADIs to demonstrate the importance of route planning, taking breaks and ensuring roadworthiness of vehicle.

The overall expected impacts of these are:

  • An improvement in the road safety record associated with young and novice drivers due to there being better prepared for independent driving.
  • An increasingly larger pool of drivers who use motorways correctly, which should benefit all motorway users through improved safety and better traffic flow.

The good news is Motorways are by far the safest road network . One of the top three safest countries in the world.

Even better, our KS driving School instructors will offer expert tuition and reassurance, to make your motorway experience enjoyable and stimulating.

You will learn to:

  • Join and leave a motorway safely.
  • Manage space and lane discipline.
  • Overtake safely.
  • Drive confidently on ‘Smart’ motorways.
  • Act safely in a possible emergency.

You can book this course online, direct with your KS driving School driving instructor. Or by calling Karen at the office.

With all KS driving School driving lessons. We will pick you up from your home and drop you back at your home.