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The training is completed in a day and consists of theory training with a small test in the morning, a walk-around of the minibus so you understand the checks required before every use, and the afternoon consists of practical driving and training for any improvements.

Driving a minibus is very different from driving a car, yet many school minibus drivers have never received professional training. This is probably because they passed their test before January 1997 and inherited their D1 licence as part of that test. These drivers may be able to drive your school minibus legally, but this is not the same as driving it safely.


We offer small group training to ensure all attendees have the necessary time and attention, so numbers are limited to up to four candidates per day


Getting to know your bus and what to be aware of before driving. Our instructors aim to complete this within a 30-minute timescale.

Practical driving

K.S. Driver Training instructors will assess you, making sure that you are the best driver you could possibly be. Mini Bus Training For Schools and Taxis candidates are required to have a minimum of 30 minutes of driving time. However, K.S Driver Training is keen to allow you as much driving time as we possibly can. Should any candidate require additional support or advice, our instructors will be more than happy to provide this for you.

PASS your K.S. assessment Mini Bus Training For Schools and Taxis

Our aim is to make sure that each candidate successfully completes the training to the highest of levels. Certificates are awarded by K.S Driver Training

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Start Learning Today

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