Gift Vouchers and Gift Card Balance

Your Gift Card Balance can be checked using the widget on this page.To begin with, Buying a block of driving lessons as a gift voucher couldn’t be simpler from KS Driving School.

in addition, Learning to drive is a new and exciting challenge and an important life skill we all need to achieve. Helping to fund the cost of a course of driving lessons would be a thoughtful and welcome gift for any learner driver.

Ordering A Gift Voucher

Simply choose the gift voucher value you would like from the dropdown options, or choose your own amount by selecting the “manual amount” option from the dropdown and entering the value gift voucher you would like.

Gift Voucher Delivery

Lastly, we will use first-class post for your gift cards. Our gift vouchers are only valid for 3 MONTHS. (This means that you must have started your driving lessons within the 3-month period, but not necessarily finished them).

Also, you can use the Gift card balance widget on this page if you lose your voucher.

If you would like any more information on purchasing a gift voucher, please call Karen on 03337720143.

Check Your Gift Card Balance

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