Driving Test Passes Success Hall of fame December 2017 with K.S.Driving School 


Driving Test Passes Success Hall of fame December 2017 with K.S.Driving School. Congratulations to our Local Students who now have the Freedom of the Road.

Driving Test Pass in Shrewsbury on 1st December for Ryan Kemp


Shrewsbury on the 1st December.A very strong drive with only 3

driver faults.You can now take the dogs away in the car for Xmas.

Well done by Nick James and all the Team at K.S Driving School”



“Congratulations to Frances Brooks who passed her driving test today with just 3 minors.

Driving lessons Shrewsbury Frances Brooks

Such a smooth drive. Keeping  nerves under control, Frances copped well doing the sat nav route,

Your reverse bay park was excellent. No need for dads taxi anymore you can now get yourself to work.

Wishing you happy and safe driving.

Best wishes from Bob Mulford and all at KS Driving School “


Driving Lessons Shrewsbury Driving Test Pass in Shrewsbury with the New Test

Customer Review on Driving Lessons in Shrewsbury with Local Instructor Bob Mulford

“Bob Mulford was my Driving Instructor I choose to learn to drive with Bob and K.S.driving school as a friend reccomended the school to me and my friend gave me their phone number.Bob made learning to drive alot better than I was expecting.Bobs teaching methods where Brilliant! really helpful.I would recommend the school because great value for money and I had a great Experience.when i passed i felt AMAZING! Thank yoy Bob for teaching me to drive,he encouraged me and helped build my confidence”

Driving Lessons Shrewsbury with driving Instructor Bob Mulford 

Driving Lessons Shrewsbury

Frances Brooks Shrewsbury(Chrch Stretton) January 3, 2018

“Congratulations to Blake Dempster on a fantastic 1st Time Pass today(6th December)

in Shrewsbury.1st Time Pass and a strong Drive just 7 driver faults.Keep up the good work

just think 1st.No more cold bike rides to the gym over winter again well done from

your Instructor Nick James and all the team at K.S.Driving School”

Driving Lessons Shrewsbury joben Mari
“Congratulations to Joben Mari on Passing his Driving Test on the

7th December in Shrewsbury.A great drive, now go and enjoy your

month back home in the Philippines! take care drive safe your

Instructor Nick James and all the Team at K.S.Driving school”


Driving Lessons shrewsbury David

Congratulations to David Henry on Passing his Driving Test 1st Time in Shrewsbury

on 18th December.Particularly considering he has just moved house & Job interview,

good skills.Enjoyed your company best wishes from Daniel Finney your Instructor

in Shrewsbury Karen and all the Team at K.S.driving school.”



“Congratulations to Eve Leigh Davies on Passing her Driving Test 1st Time today 20th December

Driving Lessons Whitchurch Eve Davies

in Whitchurch with just 3 Driver Faults very strong drive.Well done Eve 1st time and New Test

in your own car, now you can drive your mini around and drive to college, and tell all your friends

about the new Test. You did a good strong drive well done and I would like to say enjoy your driving

be careful out there from John Langan Your Instructor in Whitchurch and all the Team at K.S.driving School”


“Congratulations to Caitlin Brechunec who today 19th December proved to herself she could Pass her

Driving Lessons Shrewsbury Caitlin BrechunecDriving Test. Now start taking herself to college. “do you think I can do this”. The reply was always the same do you believe you can do it .well you did and

with just a few driving faults. Caitlin, you did well do and it has been a pleasure

teaching such a lovely young woman. I wish you all the best and again well done keep safe Karen Jones

and all the Team at K.S.Driving School and Thank you to John Langan who took Cat to Test for me.

as I had two tests.


“Congratulations to Adam Redman who Passed 1st time in Shrewsbury today the 19th of DecemberDRIVING LESSONS SHREWSBURY ADAM REDMAN

with a really strong drive only a couple of driver faults .It has been my pleasure teaching such a

gentleman I will miss our conversation s putting the world and life right .well done and drive

safe karen jones and all the team at k.s.Driving School”


Customer Review By Adam Redman on his Driving lessons with Instructor Karen Jones at K.S.Driving School Shrewsbury

“My mother for Christmas brought me a Christmas Voucher for Driving Lessons.
Karen has been a dedicated and patient Instructor through out my journey to getting my licence.
I started out with basically no experience and even less confidenceon on the road.
from my first lesson I felt I was making progress and I passed first time on both my theory and practical tests.
I owe K.S.Driving School and Karen so much for my new found Independence.”Adam Redman Shrewsbury

Adam Redman Shrewsbury January 5, 2018

driving Lessons Whitchurch

“Congratulations on Emily Ruth Jennings

On passing her test today 21/12/2017
In Whitchurch
See Emily told you could do it you kept doubting yourself all the time and look you have done it
I bet you are well excited now no more buses.
Getting up at crack of dawn to go to work. An extra hour in bed.
It will make a big difference in your working day now plus going to see your friends
Well done Emily. From John Langan your instructor and all the team at Ks driving school.”


Driving Test Pass in Shrewsbury on 29th December for Emily Jones

Congratulations on Emily Jones on passing her test today 29/12/2017 at Shrewsbury
Well done Emily you was worried it may be cancelled due to the weather conditions all week
Luck was on your side lol ????
No more busses ???? to college now waiting around for hours.
Anyway enjoy your driving now and well done again from John langan your driving instructor.
And all the team from Ks driving school.”