Shrewsbury. Well done Kieran so proud that you Passed and 1st Time. That you held your nerves together after everything that had happened over the last few days. Kieran’s mom got hold of me because his Instructor had been letting him down. On Friday told him he wouldn’t be taking him to test because of a fault light. That he had plenty of time to sort. Wasn’t going to be in Shrewsbury. I felt for you and felt guilty because of that Instructor. (Andy Niner of Niner Driving School) had been part of our team but I got rid of him because of how he was letting pupils down. Rightfully so your mother was not happy. I wasn’t as this is not what our school has built itself upon and does not show how hard the Instructors here work. So I was so pleased I was able to help you stay calm give you some advice and get that 1st Time Pass. Karen Jones Shrewsbury.