Driving Test Pass 1st Time in Whitchurch for Reece Worral

Driving Test Pass 1st Time in Whitchurch for Reece Worrall.today in Whitchurch 21/3/18. Well Done Reece a good strong drive and passed 1st time.😊😊😊😊
Reece was concerned about the car park manoeuvres that he could get on his test.

Parking on your Test yes not a problem.

You did them perfectly all that worry for nothing lol.😂
Enjoy the drive to Wales.

Next stage some motorway lessons in a few weeks get you confident to drive long distance.
Well, all the best from your; granddad; And Driving instructor.
John Langan and all the team at Ks Driving school

there Reece

Well done Reece think its family week at the Driving School. Great feeling all the best keep safe from Karen and all the Team here at K.S.Driving School

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