Driving Lessons Wem Shropshire

Driving Lessons Wem Shropshire Wem You will get you excellent service with one of the fully qualified Driving Instructors in Wem, We have both Male and Female Instructors who are all registered with the Driving Standards Agency.We will make sure that you feel very comfortable while you are taking your lessons and going on your driving journey to get that PASS with one of our Driving Instructors Wem.

Our main aim is to help you pass your Driving Test 1st Time and we will do everything that we can to help you to achieve this. We have helped many people, like yourself, to Pass their test and become very confident drivers and Safe. Choose our driving school and let us help you. We offer an excellent service at a great price. Choose Karen’s Driving School and enjoy yourself while taking your Driving Lessons.

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1st 10 Hours Driving Tuition For Beginners

£210.00  Saving £90

KS Driving School’s 10-hour Driving Lessons Wem Shropshire package will save you £90. The ten hours are usually taken in 2-hour slots. We recommend that you take at least one lesson per week this will help you achieve your driving goals quicker. Please call Karen if you would like any more information on any of K.S.Driving lesson prices and availability.

Driving Lessons Wem Shropshire Description

All the 10 hours are taken upfront.  You can book as many lessons a week as the instructor can fit in. You will definitely receive a lesson per week. We highly recommend that you take your driving lessons on a regular basis. Lessons are not restricted to a certain slot per week. We feel gaining experience on the road at different times of the day is necessary. You will be on the move and will progress at a rate that suits you. If you have had several lessons before this package is ideal for you. As you don’t want to be starting your lessons from scratch and will be approaching test standard quicker.

If you are moving from another driving school maybe failed your driving test, this 10-hour driving package is not suitable as you are not a beginner.

You will feel safe and confident at all times. All KS driving Trainer School driving instructors are trained to a very high standard, calm, patient and professional.

With all KS  Trainer driving School driving lessons. We will pick you up from your home and drop you back at your home. School and work pick up and drop off are also available.

Who Qualifies for this deal?<

  • Beginners  10 Hours had no clutch work at all
  • 10 Hour Packages for people who have come from other schools
  • Failed Driving Test
  • Check which 10 Hours you are

The package must be paid for on or before the first lesson.

With all KS driving School driving lessons. We will pick you up from your home and drop you back at your home. School and work pick up and drop off are also available.

Pay As You Go Driving Lessons

From £30 an Hour

1 Hour Lessons – £30 

2 Hour Lesson  £55

1 Hour Refresher Course £35

Driving Lesson Packages

From £58

5 Hour Driving Package- £135

10 Hours Beginners Package £210

10 Hour Non-Beginner- £270

2 Hour Motorway Driving £58

Refresher Course (5 Hours ) – £145

Intensive Driving Lesson Packages

FROM £895

30 Hour All-Inclusive – £895

35 Hour All-Inclusive – £1040

40 Hour All-Inclusive – £1165

45 Hour All-Inclusive – £1310

Test Fee Included