Driving Lessons Shrewsbury 1st Time Pass for Harvey Plimmer

 Driving Lessons Shrewsbury 1st Time Pass for Harvey Plimmer Big.”Congratulations to Harvey Plimmer who Passed his Driving Test 1st Time in Shrewsbury on 20th April. With a very strong drive getting only 4 Driver Faults. 28 days ago Harvey started an Intensive Driving Course could not Drive. Spoke with his mother advised how was the Best way to go about it and the Result. Harvey will be a Safe Driver on the road because Harvey now knows how to control nerves. Took hold but the training stayed with him. Like the examiner said and I’ve been saying when you Pass you learn to become a true driver. In her words my, the voice will always be with you. “Don’t even think about it” are those the words. Harvey did from Karen Jones and all the Team at K.S.Driving School. You are a young gentleman nice to see there still some and all the best with the football.

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