Driving Instructor Training Courses in Shrewsbury Telford and surrounding area.

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  • People Person
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    P.D.I Training

  • P.D.I Training
  • 50 Hours of Training 10 Hours Part 2 Training 40 Hours Part 3 Training you.
  • Join the Team at K.S.Driving School
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A.D.I Training

  • Standard Test Training 
  • Ordit Training
  • Train the Trainer Courses

Training Course Prices

  • P.D.I Training 50 Hours 
  • 10 Hours Part 2
  •  40 Hours Part 3
  • with you paying for Tests 

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Part 1 Training with K.S Driving

As part of the training package, you will receive all the recommended DVSA study books and access to the online revision programme Theory Test Pro. You will get a professional folder to keep your notes and plans, practice record forms and any other material your trainer provides you with throughout your training.

Enrolled onto the course you will start to have contact with your trainer immediately. On your first session, you will have an assessment of your driving and you’ll be given comprehensive verbal and written feedback with some areas to begin to work on improving in preparation for your Part 2 test. You might as well start planning and preparing for this test immediately, and you will be able to do this every time you go out and drive your car.

On your next 2 sessions 

with your trainer. you will be introduced to the Part 3 skills of fault finding and teaching to drive. The local trainer plays the part of a learner. Now an idea of what the training entails. Plus the actual job entails. This may sound a bit daunting to do. It is actually a great deal of fun. Your trainer does not expect too much from you, they just want you to get a practical idea of what the job is all about.

On your final Part 1 session, you will cover hazard perception skills to help with your Part 1 test. The lesson will be in a car where extra advice on passing this part of the test is given. Some driving to identify and deal with the actual hazards you may come across in the hazard perception test.

The information learnt during this phase of your training will be invaluable, and will help you to progress smoothly through the rest of the course.

On each lesson, you will discuss your theory revision progress and your trainer will give you any advice needed. K.S is committed to helping you throughout all of your training and will be on hand to respond to messages between your lessons as well. You will be able to contact your trainer by email, or on their personal mobile number or the K.S Spot On Instructors Facebook page.

Test of ability to Drive

The test of your driving ability. You must be able to drive to a high standard.
And show competence and confidence while still being safe. The standard required is
Far higher than a regular learner driver test. 
drive you to need to set a good example and operate the way you would expect you, pupils, to be doing.
You will receive a Part 2 Driving Workbook to give you a step by step guide to get to

The standards required to pass the part 2 test. The workbook gives you advice on all.

aspects of your driving and follows the DVSA ‘s DL 25 marking sheet.


  • Record forms to track your progress as you practice and improve your driving
  • Alongside the driving workbook, you will get 12 hours of driving instruction on a 1 to 1 basis.
  •  Grow the on-road skills

to pass the part two driving test. Is the test of your ability to instruct. You will have a test on how you cope with teaching.

A real driving lesson. A DVSA examiner will observe you giving a client-centred driving lesson.

Lasting about an hour to one of your pupils. They will mark you on the ADI test reporting.

Sheet and grade you on your performance.

  •  Instructors take the Standards Test every 3 years.
  • The Driving Instructor is at the required standard.
  • The sheet is the marking sheet called the Standard Check.
  • You will receive a part 3 instructing workbook which will explain what you require to pass the test.
  • The Trainee will have written exercises to complete alongside the part 3 training sessions.

On-Going Training for Part 3

The complete ADI teaching system for the part 3 test which contains lesson plans and visual aids. You will get 45 hours of in-car 1 to 1 training to prepare you for the test. On completion of the training, you would need to go on a trainee license to practice with real pupils and

The Part 3 Test,  extra 20 hours are required.

A  trainee driving Instructor can charge money for the lessons, it would be best to do it on a part-time basis. Alongside other work commitments and training.