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    Become a Driving Instructor

    Training for Driving Instructors

    Training for Driving Instructors with k.S Driving school As a local family business, we have a vested interest in your future. It’s important that we not only offer you the training to become a qualified driving instructor but we also guarantee you the opportunity of a position with our very successful driving school (K.S Driving School) should you wish to accept it. Alternatively, you may wish to launch your own business and be completely independent, the choice is yours.

    Change your career

    Many people continue dreaming of changing their career and improving their lifestyle until it’s too late, and then find the opportunity has passed them by. Your opportunity is right now. The chance to be in control of your future and choose the days and hours you work is only a dream for most people – but it needn’t be.

    Karen Jones the Owner of K.S Driving School and head of our Instructor Training Team. She will mentor you throughout your time with us. The benefits of training with K.S Driving School are:

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    • We have been successfully training driving instructors since 1995 (over 600) and instructor trainers since 2002 (over 200).

    • We employ experienced ORDIT trainers with excellent track records who are specialists in instructor training.

    • All your one-to-one training is carried out on-the-road in our vehicle – the only place to learn the skills of a driving instructor.

    • Receive the complete package! We take you from fledgling instructor to working confidently, efficiently, and profitably as a qualified professional.

    • We have an industry–leading 95% success rate at Part Three. You get what you’ve paid for!

    • We can arrange staged payments to spread the cost of your training.

    • We include our own nationally-recognised teaching resources with individual advice and reports on your progress.

    • You have the safe knowledge that your course fees are spent on your training and not on expensive offices or advertising.

    • If you choose not to work with KS Driving School, we can help you obtain a placement with a local or national school or with setting up your own business.

    • Continuous professional development is available once you’ve qualified to guide you through the early part of your new career.

    What Attracts People to Become Driving Instructors?

    Most people that come into the driver trainer industry are looking for a lifestyle change. They may have become disillusioned with their current job and would like to take more control of their lives and can choose the days and hours they work.

    Firstly, It could be that they are looking for a job that is more rewarding and will give a high level of personal and professional satisfaction.

    Also, It could be that they are at a time of life where they are looking for a fresh start, a different career, a new challenge and to spend more time with their family.

    In conclusion, the huge attraction is that with some personal motivation and quality training, almost anyone can do this job.

    So, What Are The Benefits of Becoming a Driving Instructor?

    • As a Driving Instructor you choose the days you work.

    • There is a Diary which allows you to choose your start and finish times.

    • You are free to work the hours that suit your needs.

    • Ithin the Franchise your own boss and you will be working for yourself.

    • You can take holidays whenever you choose and not have to request permission.

    • A brand-new car of your choice (every year if you like).

    • Use of car for work and pleasure.

    • Your car and all its running costs will be paid for by your customers.

    • Significant tax advantages are evident as a self-employed person.

    • With KS Driving School, though self-employed, you can work as part of a team and receive regular professional development.

    Start Learning To Become A Driving Instructor

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    PDI Driving Instructor Training

    • Full PDI Training Courses (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
    • Part Two and Three In-car Training
    • Trainee Licence Development Training

    ADI Driving Instructor Training

    • Standards Check Preparation (1:1 training)
    • A Standards Check Group Training Days
    • Train the Trainer Courses

    Pay As you Go

    £40an Hour
    • Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Training
    • For people who want to do their lessons weekly/Daily
    • Does not include Test Fees
    • January Offer £30 per Hour

    Pay Upfront for Lessons

    £From £195For Part 1 Training £195 not including Test Fee
    • Part 2 Training £360 not including Test Fee
    • Part 3 Training 40 Hours £1,200
    • Extra 20 Hours if Become a P.D.I fREE IF YOU TAKE fRANCHISE OR £600 IF NOT
    • January Monthly Offer Part 1, 2,3 Extra 20 Hours not including Test Fees £995

    KS Driving Instructor Training Reviews

    We are extremely proud of the wonderful feedback we receive about our driving instructor training.

    Driving Instructor
    Qualifying Tests

    All drivers must pass The United Kingdom Practical driving test to obtain a driving licence. The test is separated into three distinct parts: the theory test, hazard perception test and practical driving test.

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    Driving Instructor
    Training Course

    If you have not held a driving licence before you must complete a D1 Application for an ordinary driving licence which you can get from the DVLA form ordering service online or from a Post Office.

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    Working With
    KS Driving School

    We have been successfully training driving instructors since 1995. To become an Advanced Driving Instructor (ADI) you need to pass the DVSA qualifying examination and meet certain legal requirements.

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