Abbie Beddal Passed her Driving Test in Whitchurch on 22nd January

 Abbie Beddal Passed her Driving Test in Whitchurch on 22nd January. Congratulations on Abbi Helen Beddall on passing her test today 22/1/18. in Whitchurch 2nd time. Well done Abbi you did well today the mock test today before your test. Was a carbon copy of your real test minors. 

Free to drive your car now be careful watch your speed. Remember what I said and your examiner said we both said the same thing didn’t we 2 minors on speed. Apart from that, you did really well I’m really happy for you. Plus you got your favourite manoeuvre pulling up on the right yeaaaa. You were so excited when he told you that you had passed it’s a great feeling.  So that’s it remember Abbi be careful out there.  Just enjoy it now you worked hard to get your license look after it now. I know you will. So all can say now all the best from John Langan. Your driving instructor John Langan and all the team at Ks driving School. 

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