A wonderful 1st attempt pass this morning. Huge Congratulations Eleanor Spence! You’ve had to wait a long time for this day to come, then you nailed it. Well done! Only 4 minors faults, great effort. It’s been a pleasure helping you. We wish you all the best with your driving –Dan, Karen & all @ K. S. Driving School

Driving Lessons Shrewsbury do you have what it takes to Become a Driving Instructor K.S are looking for people to Train to Be Driving Instructors or who are driving Instructor and want to move schools? Now we are coming to the end of most corvid restriction’s K.S do have terms and conditions that also take into effect we still have corvid around.

Want to say A wonderful 1st attempt pass this morning.

K.S.Driving School supports all of our pupils that need to Isolate and do have Terms and conditions to support you at this time.