Rescue Driving Course 10 Hours

10 Hours

Rescue Driving Course 10 Hours – £350

For people who are at an overall safe standard. Ideal if you have failed recently and need some rescue training, or are at test standard and have not driven recently

15 Hours


If you have had approximately 20 plus hours with a previous instructor and have a good standard of driving and need some remedial instruction to prepare for your driving test.


These courses are designed for people who can drive have failed their driving Test and may have a test booked.

Tuition Quality

Tuition Quality A proportion of our work is from students that have decided to change from their present school due to a variety of reasons e.g.

“my instructor is always talking on the phone instead of looking after me”
“I receive no feedback to enable me to improve”
“he/she is always late”
“the tuition car smells of smoke”
“he/she talks more about themselves than about my driving”

When talking to new students these are the reasons given to us

Does this sound familiar?

Here at K S Driving School, we feel that we offer a realistic lesson fee that enables us to attract the very best instructors in the area, and also invest in continued training to keep us at the top of our profession.

With all K S Driving School driving lessons we will pick you up from your home and drop you back at your home. School and work pick up and drop off are also available.

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10 Hours For Everyone Driving Lesson Packages

Manual or Automatic Lessons start from £340 for 10 Hours done in 2-hour slots. Done Monday to Friday 9 to 5
Before 9 am or after 5 pm £360 for 10 Hours 

Weekends are £360 for 10 hours or £80 for 2 Hours

10 Hours weekdays £310

This amazing driving lessons package of 10 hours is £340 Monday till Friday till 5 pm after 5 pm or on Weekends £360. The ten hours normally consist of five double lessons (2 hours ). Before 5 pm £80 from 5 pm £80 Manual £80 Automatic

We feel that this length of time per week in the early weeks will help you progress with your driving course quickly. This offer depends on your area offers for all areas. 10 hours are taken upfront. You can book as many lessons a week as the instructor can fit in.

You will receive a lesson per week and we highly recommend that you take your driving lessons regularly. Lessons are not restricted to a certain slot per week. We feel gaining experience on the road at different times of the day is a must. You will be on the move from the minute you sit in the car and will progress at a rate that suits you. Call Karen Direct on 0793167337 or Office on Shrewsbury 01743 624015 Telford 01952 794015

Pay as you go