1.5 Hour Driving Lesson


 1.5 Hour Driving Lesson. A cost-effective way of budgeting for driving lessons is to take 1.5-hour lessons. This driving lesson option is the ideal length of time for each driving lesson you take. We find with our experience that a 1-hour lesson a week is not enough time to take on board everything you need to learn.


We highly recommend a 1.5-hour driving lesson at least once per week, more if you can manage it. With all, there is to learn a 1-hour lesson per week will take you longer to achieve your goal. This will end up costing you more money overall. You will always be on the move straight away on all your driving lessons with KS Driving School. Most KS Driving School students take the 1.5-hour driving lesson option. When they are on the driving package deals, as this option helps them achieve their driving goals a lot quicker.

KS Driving School takes prides itself on being different from other driving schools. Always striving to give you, the client, the best product possible at affordable prices and the best quality driving tuition.

Booking your driving lessons couldn’t be easier. Book online or call Karen in the office for more details.

If you decide to pay for your driving lessons online, then Karen will give you a call. Book your lesson into the diary at a time that is convenient for you and your instructor.
Choosing a driving school is probably the most important decision that you will have to make. This can be a daunting prospect. So how do you go about identifying the one to suit your needs

Tuition Quality

Tuition Quality A proportion of our work is from students who have decided to change from their present school due to a variety of reasons e.g.

“my instructor is always talking on the phone instead of looking after me.”
“I receive no feedback to enable me to improve.”
“he/she is always late.”
“The tuition car smells of smoke.”
“he/she talks more about themselves than about my driving.”

These are some of the reasons that are given to us when talking to new students.

Does this sound familiar?

Here at KS Driving School, we feel that we offer a realistic lesson fee. That enables us to attract the very best instructors in the area. also, invest in continued training to keep us at the top of our profession.

With KS Driving School lessons we will pick you up from your home and drop you back at your home. School and work pick up and drop off are also available.